Web content management

NOVA.cms is the CMS for quick and easy data administration of web-content without programming knowledge.

Many tools promised this, however remained usually in the beginning. Content management does not refrain from programming, but each coworker who cooperates to website can concentrate its core competencies. The programmer must maintain no more contents, but worries around the technical part and the editor needs no HTML sides to provide, in order to publish contents.

With classical Webpublishing alone 90% of the costs result of maintenance and servicing of the website, only 10% of development and implementing. By different automation elements within a content management system the expenditure for maintenance and servicing can be reduced clearly.

Important characteristics of NOVA.cms
  • Use of standard .NET technologies, e.g. master pages
  • Use of designs and templates
  • Standard controls  
  • You are supported by designs and templates to compose quickly your websites
  • User friendly drag&drop-interface
  • User administration
  • Templates for free and individual design
  • Multilingual user interface realisable
  • Elements of user interface are interactiv and intuitive
  • Easy to embed in marketingtools, business applications, CRM-systems etc.