In 1999, NOVA Software had already started to build up a league-database to manage wrestling competitions. Today, under, all dates and results of all competitions of the German Bundesliga and many other German national associations are published today. By now, even some competitions from other European countries have been included.

Each year, the competition dates are recorded on an editor and the competition results are directly transferred and published on the league tournament database during the competitions by the tournament officials. There are numerous interfaces for importing and exporting data from the league database. The teletext on TV, but also many sports editors of broadcasting and newspapers use this data.

The league database also offers an important assistance for the various speakers of sport associations and clubs. As soon as the competition dates are entered, officials are able to schedule changes, corrections, hall layouts and the referee management directly from home.

At the same time the league database is the hub of data exchange between office management, club management, judge administration and tournament management - programs that are tailored directly to the league database.