Neugart Calculation Program – NCP 4.0 is online since 01.03.2018

The new version of the design software calculates and displays an entire drive train.

JW Winco, A Ganter Company, launched a new website

The new website has many new features.

New modul "Thread Whirling" online in HCT

Calculating cutting data for thread whirling now easy and simple.

Ganter website now with responsive web design

The Ganter website has been completely redesigned and optimised to all access devices alike.

BAV sample portal online

NOVA Software has developed a new sample portal for the BAV Institut in Offenburg as a browser-based web application.

Dormer Product Selector runs online

The Product Selector programme of Dormer Tools Ltd. was re-launched, now new version runs online.

Browser-based pricing for tools

A browser-based pricing now facilitates daily work in the sales of Paul Horn GmbH.

Quiz programme of trade fairs for WRO

The WRO manages prospect addresses now at fairs more efficient and attractive on a quiz program.

SMi works with its own management software

SMi works with its own custom-made management software.

NCP 2.8 now available at Neuart

The calculation software NCPin the version 2.8 with new features is in use at Neugart GmbH.

Oerlikon Balzers Coating Guide as "App"

Mobile devices are detected and diverted directly to the pages optimized for them.

20 years NOVA Software GmbH

The company has started with the development of the electronic catalogues CCS and TEC. Today, many market leaders work with products from the software company in Offenburg, Germany.

At WEG NOVA.print in use

WEG is now producing "catalogues by push-button" after all product data has been collected by WEG-editor.

Comfortable gauges-navigator at HAHN+KOLB

Gauges with special tolerances and sizes can be chosen and procured from the comprehensive supply with the HAHN+KOLB gauges-navigator.

Tool-navigator convinces

With the tool-navigator of HAHN+KOLB now customers find online the right tool for each application - fast, easy, free of charge and without knowledge of the software.

BAV.Lims-DokuMaat developed

The BAV Institut manages and archives all written documents electronically by all documents will be equipped with bar code and are scanned as PDF.

30.05.2012 optimized for smart phones

Smartphone users are detected and automatically redirects to the optimized version of the screen.

New Ganter-homepage online

The new part selection simplifies the product selection and shows the availability directly.

Ganter print catalogue in new look

After complete revision the print catalogue 15.0 of Otto Ganter GmbH offers more information and pictures.

New web product catalogue of Raric AG

The Swiss Raric AG presents its products now customer-oriented in their new web catalogue.

NCP 2.5 with a lot of new functions

The calculation software NCP 2.5 for the Neugart GmbH was realized with a lot of new features.

New version TEC-CCS 10.0 of WALTER

The tool selection and cutting data software TEC-CCS for manufacturing specialists is existing for more than 15 years.

RPC descides for NOVA.base

European market leader of plastic packing material bets on NOVA.base as PIM

New LIMS for BAV developed

The software system LIMS is concerned with the data processing in the biological laboratory.

Fast software developer

The NOVA Software run team starts also in Schutterwald at the 'Hoch3-Firmenlauf'.

Selector is managing the machinery

DORMER presents the new CD-ROM, with which now also machine tools can be administered.

New GANTER product catalogue on DVD

The new GANTER product catalogue on DVD contains the whole range of products incl. all novelties, 2D-data and 3D-data.

Neugart automatizes its print catalogues

Neugart GmbH produces automatically its catalogues by NOVA.base and NOVA.print

New DVD catalogue Römheld RIC

Now Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte provides its electronic catalogue online an on DVD.

Hanser catalogue online

The optimized Hanser Webshop now facilitates fast and clear access to the complete range of products.

DORMER produces US-print-catalogue fully automated via NOVA.print

From the medium-neutral data base fully automatic the print catalog and the price list are generated.

Print catalogues at the click of a button at Horn

The Paul Horn GmbH produces its print and CD catalogues with software tools of NOVA Software.

Ganter product catalogue with shop is on-line

Mediaindependent product database as base of cross-media-publishing.

The compass "Balzers Coating Guide"

Balzers in Liechtenstein has „the compass for manufacturing optimization “on CD-ROM and in the Internet.