Dormer Product Selector runs online

With NOVA Software, Dormer Tools Ltd. from Chesterfield has re-launched its Product Selector programme as a web-based application, which provides guidance on the most effective machining solutions from the company's 'live' database of more than 12,500 products.

This new version has been completely re-engineered from top to bottom to maximise ease of use, speed and compatibility with modern PCs and latest versions of Windows. The design and layout has been refreshed. The software provides users with personalised advice on the best tool for a range of machining areas including drilling, milling, threading and reaming. An advantage of the new version is that it is automatically updated whenever a new product is launched, meaning the information on there is always correct and up to date.

Most information can be selected either from drop-down lists or check-boxes. This means the process is both quick and simple - even for first time users. Additional technical data, including cost and tool life comparison graphs for up to eight different products, can be accessed at the touch of a button.